The Benefits

Individual Approach

Portfolios are structured and tailored to each client’s individual needs and risk appetite.

Premium Diversification

Balanced funds typically include only two of the main asset classes - stocks and bonds. We offer greater financial instruments diversification for risk enhanced mitigation.

Low Costs

The management fee is significantly lower than the investment in mutual or pension funds, and this has a significant impact on the long-term profitability.

Clear Accountability

You receive detailed monthly reports on the transactions and structure of your portfolio, as well as the costs associated with its mangement.

Personal attitude

Direct contact with the manager who is responsible for your portfolio allows your risk profile to be dynamically adjusted over time to more precisely match your evolving needs and wealth, and provide solutions that continuously match your evolving profile.

Investment strategies and presentation

The access to the global financial markets and portfolio structuring, covering the main asset classes, is more accessible than ever. High diversification at low cost is our priority.

Achieve Your Investment Goals

Our independent standing, deep awareness of the state and trends of the public and private capital markets, as well as our extensive network of local and foreign contacts allow us to offer and implement financial solutions for your business and yourself as investor or entrepreneur in order to achieve your strategic goals.

Global Portfolio

The concentration of investments in a single geographic market creates specific risks that are not always offset by higher returns and can have a very negative effect on portfolio performance. Therefore, in managing our discretionary accounts, we avoid the typical home bias allocation in local assets and take advantage of the potential in the global capital markets.


Different Class Assets

Diversification is the most straightforward way to control risk and reduce the impact of risk factors in your investment portfolio. A successful investment strategy reflects the client’s risk profile and goals. If your objectives are conservative, it does not mean that your optimal portfolio should be concentrated in a single low-risk asset class. The inclusion of various asset classes in the portfolio is crucial to protect yourself from the negative effects of different economic scenarios.


Active or Passive Management

The basis of the two alternative approaches is the understanding of the financial markets – whether they are efficient, and could a portfolio manager outperforme the market over the long period of time. To high net worth individuals we provide a hybrid approach that matches the requirements of evolving wealth management best practices.


Risk Management

You can achieve your investment goals based on our impartial approach, taking into account all the risks that arise in the investment process. Our investment portfolios are readily structured and comprehensive solutions for the specific purposes of our clients.

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