Information is the Key to Good Investment Solutions

We believe that information is the key to good investment decisions. That is why our team offers to our clients detailed and timely data about the Bulgarian capital market, corporate profiles of leading Bulgarian companies and major macroeconomic trends.

Due to our long-standing presence on the Bulgarian capital market, we have acquired in depth knowledge about the specifics and peculiarities of its operations, as well as have access to a wide range of public companies.

Our services are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our customers, and the scope, frequency and depth of our analyzes can be further specified.

In addition to solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, we develop and publish regular analyzes and materials that are also available to institutional investors through the Bloomberg, Reuters, FactSet and EMIS platforms.

Analysis of Bulgarian public companies

We regularly publish a summary of the quarterly financial results of major publicly traded companies listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. We mainly cover the local pharmaceutical, financial and industrial sectors as well as the real estate sector. We also prepare corporate profiles of leading Bulgarian publicly traded companies, which also include a detailed valuation of their shares.

Analysis of upcoming public offerings

The debut of a company may seem unclear to its potential investors. That is why we do in depth analysis of the business specifics of the company planning the IPO, its market position and its prospects for development, as well as its price per share.

Macroeconomic analysis

No company operates in an isolated environment. Therefore, it is important to understand the macroeconomic indicators that affect its performance. We, together with our clients, invest not only in the Bulgarian but also in the international capital markets, so we monitor the development of a wide range of indicators and produce a weekly newsletter covering the most important macroeconomic trends and major investment events in these markets.

Ad hoc analysis

Whenever we have a good idea, we share it with our clients. Whether it is our vision of market development, an interesting investment strategy or a prospective investment, we present a thorough and well-grounded analysis to support our recommendation.

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