Over 20 Years of Experience in Structuring and Execution of Deals

Our independent standing, deep awareness of the state and trends of the public and private capital markets, as well as our extensive network of local and foreign contacts allow us to offer and implement financial solutions for your business and yourself as investor or entrepreneur in order to achieve your strategic goals.

The SIS team has over 20 years of experience in structuring and executing merger and acquisition transactions, raising capital market financing, attracting private investors and more.

Some of Our Successful Projects

Telematic Interactive Bulgaria AD

IPO (2022)

Amount: EUR 8.2 mil.

Status: Complete

Blocks Group AD

Bond issue (2021)

Amount: EUR 15.4 mil.

Status: Complete

Sopharma Properties REIT

Increase in capital (2011-2017)

Amount: EUR 14.5 mil.

Status: Complete

Medica AD

Merger into Sopharma AD

Amount: Classified

Status: Complete

Фонд за недвижими имоти България АДСИЦ
Real Estate Fund Bulgaria REIT

Increase in capital (2018)

Amount: EUR 14 mil.

Status: Complete

Doverie United Holding AD

Increase in capital

Amount: EUR 3.5 mil.

Status: Complete

Sofia Hotel Balkan AD

Acquisition and tender offer by Potamiro Limited (2020)

Amount: Classified

Status: Complete

Dietsmann N.V.

Acquisition and tender offer for Energoremont Holding AD

Amount: EUR 14 mil.

Status: Complete

Doverie United Holding AD

Bond issues (Private Placement and Public Offering)

Amount: EUR 3.5 mil.

Status: Complete

Effective Solutions For You

Capital Markets

SIS has proven track record of providing access to a diverse range of funding sources, whether your company is making a initial public offering or already has public status.

We remain focused on your long-term growth goals related to the process of placing your share issue and its admission to trading on the BSE – Sofia or listing on a major international Exchange.

Debt Placements

We will guide you to the most appropriate solution when you want to raise debt – private or public bond placement, hybrid equity issues, and more.

Our years of experience, as well as our strong knowledge of the local and international investment environment, enable us to offer alternative solutions for fulfilling your strategic plans.

Merges and Acquisitions

Whether you want to acquire a competitor from the same sector or want to sell your business, we are here for you from the first step to the conclusion of the transaction. The presence of an experienced partner can help you go by this process more easily and seamlessly.

Buyout Offerings

If the public status of your company is no longer in line with your strategic plans for the future we could help.

We have the necessary experience to assist you in managing the entire tender process for your company’s minority shareholders and any change in its public status.

Private Capital

SIS can assist you with competent and strategic advice on opportunities to raise money or sell your business publicly or through private placements.

Our services include preparation of a company valuation, attracting external investors, evaluation of the bid, structuring and coordinating the execution of the transaction, etc.

Investment Valuations and Financial Due Diligence

The best solution is an informed decision. Therefore, you need to be aware of the exact value of a business or financial assets.

Whether you are considering an IPO for your company, attracting an external investor, or acquiring a stake in a non-public company, an objective investment valuation and professional financial due diligence are essential to the proper protection of your interests.

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