The capital increase of Doverie United Holding AD has ended successfully

In accordance with the decision of the Management Board (as authorized by the Articles of Incorporation), taken at a meeting held on 09.03.2021 and based on a Prospectus approved by the Financial Supervision Commission with DECISION № 487E FROM 13.07.2021 and Notice for public offering of shares, published on 20.07.2021 on the website, and on the website of the issuer (, as well as on Sofia International Securities AD (, the public offering of 2,763,901 shares for the capital increase of Doverie United Holding AD has ended successfully.

The subscription process started on 03.08.2021 and ended on 25.08.2021.  2 763 756 new shares were subscribed, and their issue value was paid to the account into the accumulation account in Allianz Bank AD.

The individuals who purchased rights at their stock exchange sale, as well as the shareholders entitled to participate in the increase by virtue of ownership of shares, subscribed for 2,763,756 new shares from the increase of the capital of the Company.

The issue value of the subscribed shares amounting to a total of BGN 11,607,775.20, was fully paid into the accumulation account of the Company, opened in Allianz Bank AD.

At the organized meeting with the investors, the company announced its intentions to use the funds from the increase for recapitalization of the subsidiary “Doverie Invest”, as well as its intentions to continue the restructuring of the holding with a focus on the main businesses of the group and disinvestments from peripheral businesses.